Small Win Series!

Today, I'm starting a new series that celebrates the small wins we can accomplish in our everyday lives, that bring us closer to financial independence. Just like our friends at ChooseFI say, "we can all get 1% better". When we add all those little 1% betters, we can propel to new levels of financial health.

This Small Win for today is getting a company cell phone with a paid plan. This free phone and free plan will save me 30$ a month. In the past I was using a discount carrier so it was already cheap, but I can't beat a free phone with 0$ out of pocket and 0$ per month. Wow this does blow my mind and will surely accelerate my journey to FIRE.

With a little quick math, we can see that this will save me $360/year! Now, I'll take that extra $360 and invest into our Vanguard Index Fund (VTSAX) for a hopeful 8% return over the long-term.

This is essentially free money, provided by the company I work for. I'm very thankful for this opportunity and couldn't be happier. Perhaps your company would provide you with a cell phone plan.

My question to you is what in your life can you get 1% better? Could you increase your 401k contribution? Maybe, eat a few lunches brought from home at work? Take the bicycle to the store instead of driving? There are so many ways we can get 1% better and reach FI faster and easier!

Thank you for reading and if you have had any incremental improvements on your journey to financial independence, let me know! Stay Fire Minded out there!

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