Geoarbitrage for Early FIRE

What if you didn't have to hit your FIRE number (25x your spending) to start retiring early? If you moved abroad to where it is cheaper to live, maybe you don't need as much as you thought. This is the reason geoarbitrage is so appealing, it could cut your build up to FIRE in half!

Living outside of the U.S. (assuming you live there) can be considerably cheaper than staying home. From food to housing, you could save a massive amount on the basics of living, all the while your investments at home are getting larger and larger, also paying dividends in dollar. Also, moving from a high cost of living area and moving to a low cost of living area is extremely beneficial too, but we'll focus on moving abroad for this article

Where to go?

So where are some of places that potentially could be your future home? Many expats from the U.S. have taken residence in Thailand, Panama, Brazil, Singapore, Costa Rica, etc. Maybe you speak Spanish, well then, South America would seem right for you! There are many options to choose from with many pros and probably a few cons, as well.

I bet you could think of a few places you'd love to live and get away from it all!

What If you aren't at FIRE yet?

If you are still building your investments and not ready to retire, maybe you could work remotely and live abroad to save money and supercharge your journey to FIRE. Don't you think you could get to FIRE faster if it cost you a fraction of the amount to live in the U.S. Yep!

There are so many jobs online these days with more and more opportunities created all the time. As I am dating myself here, but who would've thought this would happen say just 20 years ago, crazy! So can you think of any jobs that you could do online?

Here are a few

-English teacher Online

-Start an Online Store

-Start a Blog

-FreeLance writing

-Data Entry

-Graphic Designer

Remember you'll be earning in Dollar so that makes your money go way further.

My personal plan is to use rental properties as well as online sources of income to help propel me to FIRE, even while living abroad. As you can read here, I've already started House Hacking and will rent the other half of my duplex when we move, adding more money to our pockets!

Real Estate is another great option to be earning a high dollar amount while your investments grow and could be one of the fastest ways to FIRE! If you own property and are renting it out, you're earning more than just the net profit. You're also paying down the principle, adding money to your net worth, and hopefully using tax advantages to keep more of your hard earned money. All the while you're living out of the country!

Moving out of the country and into another culture can do wonders for you. It will help you be more aware of what just is culture and how we have choice over what we do. No longer will you go with the flow just because that is the way it's done. You'll start to question why and take the best part from your own culture and the one from your newly adopted home.

There are so many other benefits with moving abroad, like learning another language!

Check our this video that will be sure to have you open up your duolingo pronto.

You've take a big step just to consider moving outside of the country for the faster if not instant pursuit of FIRE.

It is my hope that this article has sparked a FIRE in you and got you thinking about potentially moving abroad. If this article has helped you in anyway or you know someone who would benefit, please share on social media!

Thank you so much for reading and remember to be FIREMinded when you go out into the world! Cheers!

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